April is National Letter Writing Month!

Here we go!  Get out some pens, cards, and stationery!   Who are you going to write this month?  I’m doing the #30lettersin30dayschallenge with #write_on!   Even if you don’t do all 30 days, how wonderful to think of others and surprise them with a letter.  Let me know who you will the lucky people are that will receive letters from you!   I’m going to think outside the box a bit.  Stay tuned!



1,000 views! Thanks for watching my TEDx talk!


Thank you all who have watched my TEDxCamarillo talk about the gift and power of handwritten letters!  It has been fun getting letters, reading comments about how the talk inspired people to write and hearing stories about how it triggered memories about special letters from you!   National Letter Writing Month is right around the corner.  I’ll write more about that next time!

You’ll want in on this deal …

This is why I love Embossed Graphics Stationery:  For the month of January, you can get TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE  (or if you prefer the word BOGO) of note cards, folded notes, letter sheets or gift enclosures.

These are the current correspondence cards that I’m using. They are perfect for a thank you thinking of you or a short letter.


Why A Letter A Week?

A Letter A Week was created to inspire myself and others to write someone at least once a week.  The possibilities are endless of who we can write.

Though many consider it a lost art, I will forever write as long as I’m able.  There’s a simple yet, most personal connection with one’s own writing, sealing an envelope and dropping the letter in a mailbox.  Once a letter leaves us it is up to the receiver to let the gift of the letter carry on.

Some friends drone on to me about how there’s no need to write when we have instant communication through texting and social media.  I don’t care.  It’s classy, it’s timeless, and many still enjoy receiving a handwritten letter.

I’ll be updating this site regularly as I will speaking at Tedx Camarillo about letter writing next month.  Until then, grab some personalized stationery and let me know who you write!


A letter a week on Instagram

I’ve decided to just have an Instagram account for all things letter writing for now.  When my book is ready I’ll definitely be back on this site as the name of the book is … A letter a week.

So, if you are reading this please jump over to Instagram and follow me at @aletteraweek.

April 1 started the #write_on 30 letters in 30 days challenge so I encourage you to dive in–even if it’s only a letter or two.

Writeoncampaign.com is full of ideas on who you can write to over the month.

Happy National Letter Writing Month and I’ll see you over on Instagram.



Letters from a president


I’m not one to watch funeral services online, but today I listened to former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s.  How wonderful to hear about the handwritten letters that President Reagan wrote to her over the years.   Even better was to hear that she kept all the in a shopping bag in her closet.  I’m working on writing a book about letter writing and when I did a survey for family and friends, one of my questions was do you keep letters.  Do you keep them in a special place?

If you google Ronald Reagan letters you’ll see many from the former President.  He had a way of expressing himself that was simple, funny, and honest, yet caring and genuine.  May they both rest in peace.





“I believe in the handwritten note.”

I haven’t been blogging much, but that doesn’t mean I’m not writing and sending cards.  I don’t even know where to start with some of the cute stationery I’ve mailed recently so I’ll just feature one here today.

Carde Blanche has been one of my favorites with these cute Namaste and Best Wrapped Gold Foil Cards.  Anyone who starts their about me page with “I believe in the handwritten note.”, is already a fan of mine.

Go to this site and I bet you’ll order something.  The quality of the paper and envelopes is very good.   She sells a lot of kraft enveoples, but color always adds a little brightness when opening the mailbox and their colored envelopes do that.  The Best Wrapped Foil cards are perfect because you can write a salutation in the small box.  So far I’ve written “Happy Birthday”, “Feel Better” and “Hey you!” on them.  A good choice to send a male a card with these.  Not feminine or masculine, again, just perfect.  🙂

They also sell a Grab Bag Surprise.  This is a fantastic deal for 10 cards for only $22.00 right now.  It is normally $32.00, which is still a great deal.  She also throws in a few pens and a surprise.  I ordered this and can’t tell you how perfect all the cards were.  The packaging and presentation–lovely!

Grab Bag Surprise

Off to buy some Halloween candy for the kiddos.  I’d much rather give them stationery, but doubt that would go over well.  Hee, hee!