A note from my Dad …


This photo is from a note from my dad that I have had for at least 10 years. We always talk about what book we are reading or the latest movies we’ve seen on the phone. His commute to work is about an hour and at the time mine was almost that long. He sent me a box (aging myself here) of The World’s 100 Greatest Books on tape. That would be cassette tape. For some of you that was something from the 80’s and 90’s. The link is for the CD’s, but I highly recommend listening to these. Each tape (CD) is 45 minutes long and is basically a “Cliff Note” style narrative.

Back to the note … I kept it because as soon as I opened the box this small note was on top. Seven words that when read put a smile on my face. Seven words that weren’t complex or anything new. Seven words that were written as a short communication, but that had a big impact on me. A simple piece of paper, but written words from the man is means the world to me, my dad.

A note is defined as a “short informal letter”. I like to think of them as short letters. My dad has written me other letters (which I have also thrown away some, blog for another time) but this one has stayed with me for some reason. That’s what I enjoy about handwritten correspondences–You never know what one writes that will awaken you. Will it make you smile or tear up? Will the words be no big deal and it gets thrown away immediately (which this very easily could have). Will the words remind you of a certain time (this did—commuting for a job and the passion for reading that my dad and I share (he’s a reading instructor so I guess I didn’t have a choice)?

I can’t wait to share this post with my dad to see if he remembers sending this note to me!

The timing of cards

This photo is from a card that I had for over four years. The reason why I know it has been that long is because I put a return address on it was from a home we lived in four years ago. I’m sure it has many fingerprints on it from me as I’ve taken it out if its “Misc.” drawer dozens of times and always ended up putting it back, feeling as though it just wasn’t the right time or person to send it to.

Yesterday, a friend texted me to see how I was doing after a procedure I had for my hip. (Just a shot to hopefully calm whatever is going on in there-blog for another time! Ha!) Other friends checked in on me too, but for some reason hers stood out and I thumbed back through some our text exchanges and immediately thought, “She makes my life richer!” I headed right over to the card to send to her and it is now somewhere between my mailbox and her home.

She’s not my best friend, we haven’t even hung out a lot, but she’s funny, creative, witty, true and caring. She’s a wife, a mom, a daughter, business savvy and my friend. I hope she enjoys receiving this card as much as I did sending it!

Reason for this post? Buy cards that you like and there will come a time when you’ll instantaneously know who deserves to get it in the mail.



February 7: Send a Card to a Friend Day

Here is what I call my stationery closet!  I'm always adding to my stationery wardrobe.

So excited to sit for a bit tomorrow and send cards to friends!  It’s National Send a Card to a Friend Day!   I of course do this all throughout the year, but tomorrow will be for those close friends, ones I text and see a lot, but don’t really write to that often.  It is still fun to take time to let them know how much I appreciate our friendship or send them a little motivation.  So many of my friends are hard working moms and sending them a handwritten note is the least I can do for them.  I don’t have kids, so I try and let my mom friends know how incredibly awesome they are!

The photo above is where I get my cards when I’m at home. It sits right next to my desk and computer and is within arm’s reach.  I purchased this BisleyCollection Cabinet from The Container Store years ago.  I love it and spend way too much on stationery, but this is exactly why I started this blog:  To inspire others to write letters, “just because …”

I’m not an English major and I’m sure someone can rip apart my grammar.  I am passionate about putting pen to paper and hope you will enjoy what I share!  I don’t plan on posting just “National” this or that day. I had been sitting on this blog for months and the other day when I read about Thank a Mailman day I decided to dive in!  I will share who I write to and hopefully encourage others to write more too!  There are many articles out there about the diminishing art of the handwritten letter. I’ll share those, my favorite stationery vendors, other bloggers and organizations that support writing good ol’ snail mail.

Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions!  I’m new to this blogging world, but figured I’d give my Facebook friends a break from constantly talking about the art that I love:  handwritten letters.

February 4th: Thank a Mailman Day

mailbox                      What better way to start my new blog than on a special day? Even if you don’t read this on the Tuesday, Febraury 4th, when is the last time you did thank your mail carrier? I’m going to decorate our mailbox and put a treat out for him, along, of course with a handwritten thank you note!

Do you even know who delivers your mail? Do you still have the old fashioned single mail box? Wow. I haven’t thought about those “flags” that would be raised to alert the mailman that you had out going mail. Does your mail carrier do anything special or unique that you want to share? We have a new one and unfortunately he does not deliver it at the same time daily. My husband is rather scheduled, so I think it is fun to come at 10am one day and 4pm the next! Getting mail always adds excitement to my day!

Read more about this day here: http://nationaldaycalendar.com/2013/02/03/february-4th-2013-national-thank-a-mailman-day-national-create-a-vacuum-day/