Graduation time

Here are some photos of graduation cards I’ll be sending out in the next week. I love getting “Aunt Julie” addressed envelopes from my friend’s kids. I’m an aunt, but with no kids of my own, by choice-it’s all good! I love being a part of their lives and giving younger kids cards and gifts.


Graduation cards for "Aunt Julie"
                                             Graduation cards for “Aunt Julie”


Economic Gaduation Cards
                              Economic Gaduation Cards

I think I’ll be sending out six cards this year, four high school graduations and two for college. Two of the people I don’t know that well and will be sending these cards. One I purchased from a party supply store where all cards were half off last year and I had in my file. The other card I recently purchased at Trader Joe’s. For .99 cents, you can’t beat that! I think I that same sentence in my last post!-point being you can be thoughtful without having to spend a lot.
I’m really excited to give this 5″X7″ card below as a graduation gift for someone who in my eyes will take risks to be successful. The oranges and yellow of this card burst out with the charcoal grey background. I have a few favorite calligraphers that I buy cards from and Emily Poe-Crawford, with EmDashPaperCo made this card. I’ll have to post more of hers later, but check out her Etsy site and another site I hadn’t heard of, but am now sponsoring her with future works, is called Patreon. Instead of a one-time donation like Kickstarter, you can “pledge” at different levels to support the artist. All the supporters were able to vote on which piece she would work on next. I support and get pieces of work! Fun!

Virgil's quote brilliatnly designed by  EmDashPaperCo
                    Virgil’s quote brilliantly designed by EmDashPaperCo

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