Updating the Address Book

My address bookIt’s always strange to me how I decide to clean out things on the first of a month.  I’ve been needing to do this for years, but yesterday I updated my old school address book.  I have an online one too, but there is just something about flipping through the pages reading names of my closest family members and friends who I correspond on a regular basis.  It pained me to take this picture as it did have my 83 year old Aunt Ruby’s name and address there, but she passed away last year.  I knew if I erased hers there would be others. The act of physically erasing the names was a sad one for me.  I ended up erasing four names of friends and family members who have left this world in the last few years.  I still keep a post-it note inside for my friend who has four children where she lost her battle with cancer in 2011.  I want to stay in touch with her children, so even though their mom’s address is erased, they are not.  The post it note has their ages and birth days on it.

I don’t remember when I finally switched over to using a pencil instead of a pen.  What a concept to have an address book with crossed out names to names with current addresses in pencil that is much cleaner, but I suppose that’s all up to one’s preference. I do recall when I finally threw the old one out.  It  was like an old friend.  Of course the new one wasn’t like the old one and took time to get used to not seeing all the crossed out pen entries.

Do you have an address book online or physical one?   Open it up and write to someone this week!




2 thoughts on “Updating the Address Book

  1. I have a physical address book like you do. Never got into the online thing though I did have one at one point. I have always use pencil as I moved so much after college. I’ve erased people here and there over the years, but for the most part I leave people in the book (add wedding dates, dates children are born, etc.). The hardest part for me has been erasing and changing last names when friends have gotten divorced.

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