The last letters of 2014

Can’t believe I just penned my last note card for 2014!  It was to a high school friend who was so kind to send me flowers while I was recovering from my hysterectomy on December 19.  Aside from a five inch incision below my belly button, I’m doing great!  It certainly isn’t stopping me from writing.

My last note card of 2014
My last note card of 2014

Look at these adorable French Bulldog notecards I received (not one, but two boxes!) from another friend who I have known since we’ve been 5.  We are both 45 so you do the math.  She has lived in Northern California and now New York and it has been wonderful to stay in touch all these years since school.  I think we write more to each other during the year than text. These French Bulldog note card sets are 16 to a box and I’ve used almost all of the first one.  All my Christmas thank you cards and friends who visited me in the past week will be receiving one.  Compendium is who made these cards.  If you have never heard of them I encourage you to check out their website as their web name says exactly what they encourage us to do~live inspired.

French Bulldog  note cards

I asked her permission to post this as I laughed as I read this part of her three page (front and back!) letter to me.  I hear people all the time say they don’t have time to write.  I call bullshit!  If you want to write or exercise or write a book then you will make time.  So, for any moms out there, take a look at when she wrote to me.  She wasn’t looking out over pristine waters of Maui or at the spa when she was getting pampered, but she took time to write me.  Thank you Sherry.  Where do you write your letters?

photo 3

We are off to the movies, but thank you for reading my blog and may you carve out more time to write letters to others in 2015.

Love, Julie