Happy Valentine’s Day and more …

heart cookie

I purchased this cookie card last week for my husband and because he eats much more healthier than me, each bite was enjoyed by yours truly.  I hope you are having a great Valentine’s Day.  There’s so much hoopla over it.  I like it and even though we are staying home (my husband just had a birthday where we were out of town earlier this week to celebrate) tonight, I do hope people find ways to let others know they are loved and appreciated.  I’m sure it is hardest for those that are single.  I try and be considerate of my girlfriends that don’t have a significant other, but I guess I’ll start another blog all about relationships-ha!

Below were my favorite Valentine’s cards I received this week.  The one of the dog cracks me up and the photographer’s website, Sexy Chicken Photography name is quite clever too.  I encourage you to visit the website and look her lovely nature photos.  The detail in each photo is magnificent!

The card with the dog holding the letter is darling.  I love that I have some girlfriends that even though we live close by (same county) we still take time to write each other throughout the year.

mangel dogdogcard

A very unexpected gift that arrived yesterday was this adorable zippered pouch filled with 6 folded quote notes with coordinating envelopes, compliment cards, labels and a pack of colorful markers.  The photo below is what came in the zippered pouch, but after I took the photo I turned over what I thought were white note cards with polka dots, only to find inspirational quotes, with the first one saying “You are amazing” on the back.  I like the bold colors and different fonts she uses.  Erin Condren has a fabulous website and it was a big mistake for me to peruse it …I think I’ll be making an order soon.  I dare you to check out her website and see if you can’t find something you like.  This Bundle-love note clutch I received is a perfect gift for a hostess or friend.  My friend Ellen who sent me this is not just Ellen, her official name is Ellen, my stationery friend.  I never say just Ellen.  I’ll have to dedicate an entire blog to share about her sometime.  Nonetheless, I am grateful for our friendship and the love of stationery that we share.


The last photo for today was taken a few hours ago when I thought about how I could make someone’s day anonymously.  I’m a big fan of random acts of kindness and especially Kindspring.  Their motto, small acts that change the world is all we can do sometimes. I went to our local Dollar Tree store and purchased 10 Valentine’s balloons and randomly slipped them into the windshield on cars around town.  I know this blog is about letters, but there was a small note attached to the balloon that read, Happy Valentine’s Day!  Keep for yourself or pass on to someone else.   It was fun and not knowing the recipients made it even better.



How was your Valentine’s Day?  Share your about your experience below–card related or not 🙂

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