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I’m not on here much and best to see what I’m up to on Instagram. My new book that is a journal to log 52 letters, A Letter A Week was published Jan 18, 2022.

I taught mindfulness at a public school in Southern California, and am a mental game coach for high school athletes. We recently moved to Washington state and you’ll find me in Henderson, Nevada in the winters. Though my jobs have varied since leaving full-time teaching middle school science, there is one thing that has stayed constant throughout my life:  writing handwritten letters. I’m a cheerleader for all things that lead people to write more!

Feel free to leave a comment, or write (of course!) to me at the address below.  If you watched my TEDx Talk or purchase my book I’d love to hear back forom you!

Happy writing~


Julie Merrick
P.O. Box 11414
Olympia, WA 98508