I Wrote a book!

Celebrating the release of my new book, A Letter A Week, with my family ~ January 8, 2022

A Letter A Week is a 104-page journal book that allows you to log 52 handwritten letters that you write throughout a year. There are tips and ideas on who and what to write.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Bookshop.org. I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Below are other retailers you can order the book from.

For a signed author copy or to order wholesale, please email me at julie@aletteraweek.com.

Who is this book for?

  • People who enjoy writing letters
  • People who write once in a while and would like to be more consistent
  • People who would like a yearlong challenge
  • The person who needs to unplug from electronics more often
  • Those who know people in their life that would benefit from reading a letter
  • The person who rarely picks up a pen and would like to connect to more people

The book will also:

  • Improve connections with people without email or texts
  • Be mindful while thinking of others
  • Show how important the recipient is to the sender
  • Share gratitude towards others
  • Have a keepsake to treasure for years

Order your copy today and get ready for a year of writing handwritten letters!


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You’ll want in on this deal …

This is why I love Embossed Graphics Stationery:  For the month of January, you can get TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE  (or if you prefer the word BOGO) of note cards, folded notes, letter sheets or gift enclosures.

These are the current correspondence cards that I’m using. They are perfect for a thank you thinking of you or a short letter.


Stationery created by kids

Imagine my delight getting a package in the mail today when I wasn’t expecting anything. Inside was a set of stationery designed by a three year old boy who I adore!

A friend from high school and I met for coffee about four years ago when she was visiting from New York. She was pregnant, but we didn’t know! We have become closer since that morning at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Last year I had the pleasure of visiting New York and meeting the rest of her family for the first time. Her son George has truly stolen my heart. If they lived in California I would see him more often, but for now “Aunt Julie” can only write to him and of course send anything dealing with trucks, cars or planes!

George’s stationery is designed by Kids Art, Inc. I visited the website and what a fabulous idea for creating individual cards or fundraising for schools or groups. Simply submit the child’s artwork and have greeting cards, notepads, stickers, gift tags or invitations made.

I look forward to writing some of my favorite kiddos with this stationery! This was such a fun gift to receive!



Handmade Cards

Pansie watercolor notecard by Lucinda Keller
Pansie watercolor notecard by Lucinda Keller


I received this beautiful handmade watercolor note card from my friend Lucinda today. It’s one thing to get a card or letter in the mail, but even better when it isn’t expected AND the person took time to make it! The photo doesn’t do justice to the beautiful shades of purples and greens that are in it. I’ve known Lucinda since high school (way back in the 80’s!). She’s a fabulous artist, actress and art teacher. Lucinda’s blog inspired me to start one of my own. She is great with all things travel, art, photography and she uses the best quotes to go along with each post.

I’ve always said I’m not that artistic, but the older I get I believe we are all artistic or creative in our own way. I may not be a true artist, but maybe simply sending a card picked specifically for someone counts.
Another friend, (yes, again from high school, but different schools) Mary, started her own photography business about six years ago. She sent me some notecards of photos she had taken and made cards out them. They are all blank inside which is perfect as they can be used for any occasion. More of Mary’s photography can be seen here. She is one of Carlsbad’s top baby photographer’s today!

Notecards from MKPimages.com
                                            Notecards from MKPimages.com

I’m so fortunate to have friends who not only write hand written notes, but make them from talents they have!

Graduation time

Here are some photos of graduation cards I’ll be sending out in the next week. I love getting “Aunt Julie” addressed envelopes from my friend’s kids. I’m an aunt, but with no kids of my own, by choice-it’s all good! I love being a part of their lives and giving younger kids cards and gifts.


Graduation cards for "Aunt Julie"
                                             Graduation cards for “Aunt Julie”


Economic Gaduation Cards
                              Economic Gaduation Cards

I think I’ll be sending out six cards this year, four high school graduations and two for college. Two of the people I don’t know that well and will be sending these cards. One I purchased from a party supply store where all cards were half off last year and I had in my file. The other card I recently purchased at Trader Joe’s. For .99 cents, you can’t beat that! I think I that same sentence in my last post!-point being you can be thoughtful without having to spend a lot.
I’m really excited to give this 5″X7″ card below as a graduation gift for someone who in my eyes will take risks to be successful. The oranges and yellow of this card burst out with the charcoal grey background. I have a few favorite calligraphers that I buy cards from and Emily Poe-Crawford, with EmDashPaperCo made this card. I’ll have to post more of hers later, but check out her Etsy site and another site I hadn’t heard of, but am now sponsoring her with future works, is called Patreon. Instead of a one-time donation like Kickstarter, you can “pledge” at different levels to support the artist. All the supporters were able to vote on which piece she would work on next. I support and get pieces of work! Fun!

Virgil's quote brilliatnly designed by  EmDashPaperCo
                    Virgil’s quote brilliantly designed by EmDashPaperCo

The timing of cards

This photo is from a card that I had for over four years. The reason why I know it has been that long is because I put a return address on it was from a home we lived in four years ago. I’m sure it has many fingerprints on it from me as I’ve taken it out if its “Misc.” drawer dozens of times and always ended up putting it back, feeling as though it just wasn’t the right time or person to send it to.

Yesterday, a friend texted me to see how I was doing after a procedure I had for my hip. (Just a shot to hopefully calm whatever is going on in there-blog for another time! Ha!) Other friends checked in on me too, but for some reason hers stood out and I thumbed back through some our text exchanges and immediately thought, “She makes my life richer!” I headed right over to the card to send to her and it is now somewhere between my mailbox and her home.

She’s not my best friend, we haven’t even hung out a lot, but she’s funny, creative, witty, true and caring. She’s a wife, a mom, a daughter, business savvy and my friend. I hope she enjoys receiving this card as much as I did sending it!

Reason for this post? Buy cards that you like and there will come a time when you’ll instantaneously know who deserves to get it in the mail.



February 7: Send a Card to a Friend Day

Here is what I call my stationery closet!  I'm always adding to my stationery wardrobe.

So excited to sit for a bit tomorrow and send cards to friends!  It’s National Send a Card to a Friend Day!   I of course do this all throughout the year, but tomorrow will be for those close friends, ones I text and see a lot, but don’t really write to that often.  It is still fun to take time to let them know how much I appreciate our friendship or send them a little motivation.  So many of my friends are hard working moms and sending them a handwritten note is the least I can do for them.  I don’t have kids, so I try and let my mom friends know how incredibly awesome they are!

The photo above is where I get my cards when I’m at home. It sits right next to my desk and computer and is within arm’s reach.  I purchased this BisleyCollection Cabinet from The Container Store years ago.  I love it and spend way too much on stationery, but this is exactly why I started this blog:  To inspire others to write letters, “just because …”

I’m not an English major and I’m sure someone can rip apart my grammar.  I am passionate about putting pen to paper and hope you will enjoy what I share!  I don’t plan on posting just “National” this or that day. I had been sitting on this blog for months and the other day when I read about Thank a Mailman day I decided to dive in!  I will share who I write to and hopefully encourage others to write more too!  There are many articles out there about the diminishing art of the handwritten letter. I’ll share those, my favorite stationery vendors, other bloggers and organizations that support writing good ol’ snail mail.

Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions!  I’m new to this blogging world, but figured I’d give my Facebook friends a break from constantly talking about the art that I love:  handwritten letters.