I Wrote a book!

Celebrating the release of my new book, A Letter A Week, with my family ~ January 8, 2022

A Letter A Week is a 104-page journal book that allows you to log 52 handwritten letters that you write throughout a year. There are tips and ideas on who and what to write.

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For a signed author copy or to order wholesale, please email me at julie@aletteraweek.com.

Who is this book for?

  • People who enjoy writing letters
  • People who write once in a while and would like to be more consistent
  • People who would like a yearlong challenge
  • The person who needs to unplug from electronics more often
  • Those who know people in their life that would benefit from reading a letter
  • The person who rarely picks up a pen and would like to connect to more people

The book will also:

  • Improve connections with people without email or texts
  • Be mindful while thinking of others
  • Show how important the recipient is to the sender
  • Share gratitude towards others
  • Have a keepsake to treasure for years

Order your copy today and get ready for a year of writing handwritten letters!


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My first magazine feature


I attended Westmont College and was contacted by the editor of their magazine because they wanted to write and a short article about my passion for handwritten letters.  At the time after talking to some friends I thought about starting a local letter bundle project and so I purchased the domain, letterbundles.com.   After a few months and mentioning it in the interview, I gave it a lot of thought and decided to not reinvent the wheel, even though I was thinking of writing letters locally in Southern California where I live.  Again, after much thought, I would rather people support other great organizations that are already established and that I have personally supported.   So, if you read the Westmont article and especially liked the last paragraph, click here to write letters for The World Needs More Love Letters.

Here are some other ones you might enjoy, too:

Girls Love Mail is an organization that writes to newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Letters of Love was started by a teenage boy!  It’s a great way to write to seniors who may be in need of a friendly letter.

And, here is one of my favorite organizations, where they list a few more letter writing sites.

westmont article.jpeg


Thanks for all your support and though I’m not very active with the blog and Instagram these days, especially after reading this book and then this book

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At a recent school presentation about why handwritten letters are still important!

A 5th-grade student writing a letter to a relative after hearing my talk.


April is National Letter Writing Month!

Here we go! ¬†Get out some pens, cards, and stationery! ¬† Who are you going to write this month? ¬†I’m doing the #30lettersin30dayschallenge with #write_on! ¬† Even if you don’t do all 30 days, how wonderful to think of others and surprise them with a letter. ¬†Let me know who you will the lucky people are that will receive letters from you! ¬† I’m going to think outside the box a bit. ¬†Stay tuned!


Jimmy Hendrix Stamps


I love purchasing stamps almost as much as stationery. I could say I try to match the stamp to the theme. I like the black stamps that say “Celebrate” on them, of course to send with birthday cards. 90% of stamps I send are some version of the American flag because that’s what comes out at Wells Fargo bank ATM. I also enjoy the hearts and love type stamps. Those usually come out in the spring for the upcoming wedding season.

I’m sure if surveyed the¬†average person could care less about the stamp, but if you really want to splurge, which I have a couple times, one can get photo stamps from the post office.¬† However, with a price of $21.99 plus shipping and tax, I’d rather spend that extra $13+ on 20 more stamps or stationery.¬† I don’t belong to the American Philatelist Society, but I do like checking this site occasionally to see what stamps I can look forward to.

With the new self-serve kiosk at my local post office I have been purchasing stamps there to save time, but they are all black and white and not as fun as having the clerk flip through their binder to show me what stamps they have.

The reason for this post today is that I went to the post office and cracked up as I heard the old lady-and I do mean old, classic, she must have been 90–she asked, “Do you have any more of those Jimmy Hendrix stamps?” Rock on grandma! That sentence made my day!

I’ve had conversations with people that don’t know you can “pick” stamps or that square envelopes require extra postage. I realize not everyone has a passion like I (we, my new followers?) do for all things letter writing- and that’s too bad. Ha! I’ve been called “crazy about letter writing” and that’s ok with me.

To quote Jimmy, “You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.”