Day 5 of November’s 30 day Gratitude Letters

Thumbing through November’s O, The Oprah Magazine and look what I found, yes, if you are a doer vs. a thinker and want to take your gratitude level to the next level then this is what they suggested:

“Write letters to people you’ve never probably thanked, going into detail about all the ways they’ve made your life better. Deliver the letters by hand if you can or mail them (email a last resort). If the recipients are no longer alive or you don’t know how to reach them, don’t worry: simply writing the notes will deepen our practice and remind you that gratitude is about appreciating others rather than focusing on ourselves.”

I was pretty much sold with a smile on my face after, “Write letters…”

Day 5: today’s letter was written to Natalie Juteau. She’s a blogger from Colorado State University. She wrote this article, X’s and O’s: The power of the written word X’s and O’s: The power of the written wordand of course it resonated with me so I used my new Thank You notes made by Karin Gable to write to her. Natalie is an English major and wants to be an author. I wish her the best with endeavor. I told her she could read from my blog and lack of perfect sentence structure and grammar that I clearly was not an English major, but none the less, I will hit send on blog posts to share my love of letter writing with you that also enjoy this form of communication. I didn’t have a physical address for her so just wrote to the university’s newspaper address and hope she does receive it, but if not, maybe she’ll just stumble across this blog post.

Every day I’m thinking about more and more people, businesses and organizations I can and will be writing to in the days to come. Stay tuned!