I Wrote a book!

Celebrating the release of my new book, A Letter A Week, with my family ~ January 8, 2022

A Letter A Week is a 104-page journal book that allows you to log 52 handwritten letters that you write throughout a year. There are tips and ideas on who and what to write.

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For a signed author copy or to order wholesale, please email me at julie@aletteraweek.com.

Who is this book for?

  • People who enjoy writing letters
  • People who write once in a while and would like to be more consistent
  • People who would like a yearlong challenge
  • The person who needs to unplug from electronics more often
  • Those who know people in their life that would benefit from reading a letter
  • The person who rarely picks up a pen and would like to connect to more people

The book will also:

  • Improve connections with people without email or texts
  • Be mindful while thinking of others
  • Show how important the recipient is to the sender
  • Share gratitude towards others
  • Have a keepsake to treasure for years

Order your copy today and get ready for a year of writing handwritten letters!


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More Thank You Letters


I’m plugging along with writing thank you and gratitude letters this month. I’ve made it a priority to write to one person a day. Some days I’ve written to a few because as I’m getting the stationery out I sometimes think of someone else. It’s a wonderful “problem” to have.  Some letters have ended up thinking of you type cards, but whatever the sentiment it’s the connecting to the recipient that means the most to me. 

One letter I wrote was to thank two high school girls in Indiana for their generous spirit that I hope becomes a nationwide or worldwide club that is in all high school. How selfless are these teens to first think of this creative idea secondly to take the time to not only write the letters, but to spend time with the patients. I wish much success to Handwritten Hearts.

I wrote to the girls’ high school and again hope they receive the letter to know their news reached me in Southern California. I know there are many different types of organizations out there doing the same thing-one letter at a time. If you know of one, please share in the comments. I’ll have to write another blog post on my favorites, but for now, here are some other people I wrote to last week:



*A man I’ve known in our community ran for city council. He didn’t win, but I wrote him to thank him for running and having the courage to get in the arena!

*A friend from high school who isn’t on Facebook (I think there are only six, ha!) but that I wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving and thank her for her years of friendship.

*A thank you card to friends who hosted an early Thanksgiving meal. Everyone brought a dish to share and the place setting cards were even handwritten.   Above is a photo of card holder in her kitchen-love it!  I was beaming when I saw this as I know why I associate myself with these friends–because we all still write thank you notes!

*A thank you to my esthetician who does a great job waxing my eyebrows.  I didn’t write her for the service she provides, but for her dedication to losing weight.  We had a nice discussion on discipline and how you have to start small, but keep with it.  I was so inspired by not only how great she looked, but that she didn’t diet or do anything extreme. She started exercising and is committed to making it a part of her daily life.  I’m a big exercise, fitness girl, so I had to write her to say, “Way to go!”

*My French Bulldog’s vet received a thank you this week because when we went for a visit last week they gave us a free bag of turkey and cranberry treats.  Here is a photo of Nitro wanting more after I shoved some in his bone.


Thanksgiving is Thursday. May you not only count your blessings but perhaps take the time to write to someone this week to let them know how thankful you are for them.


I organized my stationery drawers yesterday. That sounds so lame, but I had mixed matched envelopes and cards that were bent up or a few I know I’d never use-so into the recycle bin they went.

Except for postcards.

86 postcards. Ridiculous that I have that many from trips we’ve been where I over zealously buy them when traveling to send to friends or their kiddos.

It was fun displaying them and thinking about how incredibly blessed I’ve been to travel as much as I have. Orcas are my favorite animal so I always pick up a few when we go to the San Juan Islands to see them.

In order to continue with my less is more theme of the year, I will be sending postcards to friends to say hello even though the postcard trip is history. .33 cents knocks off the .49 a bit.

I remember finding a vintage postcard site and about fell out of my chair when I saw prices of $350 for an old Coca-Cola card or how about $500 for a Santa and beer one?

Another site I found through Facebook is Postcard Happiness. Based out of Cape Town, Africa, a graphic designer is dedicated to encouraging the sending of postcards. My favorite sentence on the about us page reads, “I would like to reignite the joys of sending and receiving these little gems around the world just because they make people happy.”

Last year I traveled to Spain and Italy. My mother loves water colors so instead of buying a large print and dealing with the cost of shipping or having it damaged I purchased three postcards and had them framed when I returned home.

Postcards from Florence, Italy
Postcards from Florence, Italy

My most recent purchase was a cool thank you postcard. It is so cool that I had to make a video because my description wouldn’t do justice. The only information on it shows a German postcard website along with Copyright by L.M.Kartenvertrieb Graffiti and Stefan Fleischmann-Design made in Germany. Creative men in my book.
I only purchased a few months ago, but called one of my favorite stores that carries unique cards and gifts, Upstairs at Pierre Lafond in Montecito, CA and fortunately they have more!


Do you send postcards? Make anything from them? Keep them? When is the last time you sent one? With summer here I'm sure you can pick one up on your next trip and surprise someone with a handwritten personalized note.

Long Overdue Thank You Notes



I have to give Hallmark credit. I am normally one who likes to send stationery that isn’t from a Hallmark store. However, due to not being able to get around that good after hip surgery, I was limited to go to my local Hallmark store. I don’t mean to sound like a snob, but I think I am when it comes to stationery. I love boutique vendors and way too expensive letter press stationery. Limited to time and money on this trip, I found these adorable thank you note cards. I love the colors and the raised ink. Hallmark is a good gig. You gotta hand it to them for also having a special .99 cent card area.
Target and Michael’s can have good selections too. I am having my own cards made as we speak-I’ll tell you more about that soon!

The cards above are being sent to friends who sent me a get well gift or card during my recovery. It is amazing how a note from a loved one can support you when you are under the weather or in my case, laying around for days.

I saw a card once that said, “You’re welcome” on the outside and on the inside read, “Thank you for the thank you card”. I thought that was quite clever.

Who can you send a thank you card to today?