Handmade Cards

Pansie watercolor notecard by Lucinda Keller
Pansie watercolor notecard by Lucinda Keller


I received this beautiful handmade watercolor note card from my friend Lucinda today. It’s one thing to get a card or letter in the mail, but even better when it isn’t expected AND the person took time to make it! The photo doesn’t do justice to the beautiful shades of purples and greens that are in it. I’ve known Lucinda since high school (way back in the 80’s!). She’s a fabulous artist, actress and art teacher. Lucinda’s blog inspired me to start one of my own. She is great with all things travel, art, photography and she uses the best quotes to go along with each post.

I’ve always said I’m not that artistic, but the older I get I believe we are all artistic or creative in our own way. I may not be a true artist, but maybe simply sending a card picked specifically for someone counts.
Another friend, (yes, again from high school, but different schools) Mary, started her own photography business about six years ago. She sent me some notecards of photos she had taken and made cards out them. They are all blank inside which is perfect as they can be used for any occasion. More of Mary’s photography can be seen here. She is one of Carlsbad’s top baby photographer’s today!

Notecards from MKPimages.com
                                            Notecards from MKPimages.com

I’m so fortunate to have friends who not only write hand written notes, but make them from talents they have!

One thought on “Handmade Cards

  1. Great blog!!! And I agree that we are all creative and artistic in different ways! It’s an adventure finding out how!

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